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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

Ask, Explore, Discover

Get Answers to the Deeper Questions of Your Life

BQH ($300/3 hrs)

 Based on the work of Dolores Cannon (QHHT), this powerful, heart-based regression technique is for those willing to connect a little deeper. Using the intention you set for your session, this form of regression hypnosis allows you to access the deeper part of your subconscious for clarification, answers and healing. 

Your subconscious has access to all your experiences, and is the gateway to your higher wisdom.  BQH utilizes progressive relaxation and guided imagery to help you access the information stored in your subconscious.  This is where you may find the answers you have been seeking about your life, purpose, health, or anything else of importance to you.  The answers you receive can aid in your self-healing on any number of levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually).  

Preparing For Your Session:

Set an intention to connect and communicate with your subconscious, the higher self, or part of you that contains all your sources of information. During the session, we will work together to address your questions and concerns. Make a list of questions you have, in order of importance, which you would like me to ask for you.  They can be anything about why something happened, how to change something, or what you should do, incorporate, limit or remove from your life to make it better. We will discuss your questions and use them as a starting point for your session.  Your subconscious will guide you throughout the session, telling you what you need to hear, or showing you what you need to see, as your subconscious knows what you really need to work on.

The key to remember is that it is YOU telling YOU what the root causes and issues are, and what you need for your own healing to occur.  I am only a facilitator for this process.  The things that you take away from this experience will no doubt be profound.

Limit or refrain from using alcohol and caffeine the day before and day of your session.  Be sure to eat a light meal before your session.  The day of your session, focus in being relaxed and calm.  Keep an open mind and be curious, as your session will help you discover things that are going to help you answer questions, discover new things, and assist you with your life challenges.  Remember, the hypnosis practitioner is not doing any healing. YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience.

Sessions are held on-line via Zoom, or in person and are recorded for your future reference.

Click on the image below – then click on “Practitioners” tab, and “Session Prep-Get Your Clients Ready” tab, to see videos on How to Prepare For Your Session

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